Interior Design Videos

Interior Design Videos


Lets face it everyone is glued to their ipad, tablet and carry a smart phone, so why not take advantage of these clever time saving devices and learn interior design and decorating by video. Watching small bite sized videos is a simple and easy way to learn. This website will provide you with access to interior design videos written by, interior designers providing quality interior decorating information free to everyone. Where we can we offer links to learn more about the topic or gain free education from an online ecourse. Use the links on the left side of the page to navigate.  We hope you have a positive learning experience from watching the videos and reading the introductions. We believe you will come back for more.

There are many interior makeover television programs available to watch nowdays, we feel that they are unrealistic in their time frames and expectations of what products can do, they use fast and unprofessional ways to create a fast short term interior, we feel that the public are being deceived on the reality of home makeovers and interior decorating.

subtle interior design

It takes time to prepare a project, from the planning, to sourcing quality materials, finding contractors at the right prices and then getting them all lined up in a row to create your design project.

We are different at, we want to provide you with the ability to assess a project on your own and plan and make a quality job. If you are going to go to the trouble of change in an interior, make sure it is a well informed and educated change for the better!

Learn from our videos, and compliment these by signing up for the free interior decorating ecourse to make sure you can achieve your interior decoration goals.

If you want to meet Chris and Lee Brown – check out our introduction to video below. We have made a few changes to our websites since the video, so some of the information has changed, but we still look “almost” the same!

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